Drum & IBC Storage

Drum & Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Storage Solutions.

Both the hazards of the material and the size of the inventory need to be considered in determining where a store should be located. Considerations should include the distance from other stored materials, process plant, traffic routes and occupied buildings.Toxic, flammable or self reactive materials should not in general be stored in the same location

Large quantities of drums and cylinders are often stored together giving rise to potentially large inventories of hazardous materials. The movement and connection or disconnection of drums to process plant requires the direct involvement of operating personnel giving rise to the potential for human error to cause incidents.

Drums and cylinders should be stored in a safe manner with clearly marked chemical hazard class identification. The height and method of stacking should also be taken into account as well as the construction of the storage container. Racking or freestanding multi-layer stacks can be used for drummed materials storing low hazard liquids.

Our range of drum and intermediate bulk container storage solutions provides a range of storage solutions for your needs.