Hazardous Storage Cabinets

COSHH is a set of regulations that requires employers to control substances that are hazardous to health.

Hazardous chemical cabinets are used as part of the measures taken to control the use and storage of substances hazardous to health which is set out in the COSHH regulations. These regulations require hazardous substances to be stored safely to protect our health and the surrounding environment. We all use chemicals such as bleach, cleaning products, oils and paints, weed killers, solvents, as a matter of course but there are also more important groups of chemicals that can cause significant harm such as acids and alkalines and toxic substances not forgetting marine pollutants. 

The Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres regulations 2002 requires that hazardous substances are stored securely in steel purpose built cabinets. DSEAR requires that any risks associated with the indoor storage of hazardous substances is properly controlled when stored in the work place and adequate ventilation is present. All employers have a legal responsibility to implement effective controls over the safe use and storage of hazardous substances. Business management checks and procedures are required to limit, where possible, exposure to these substances by the workforce.

It is important to ensure that health and safety procedures are taken seriously and acted upon, so that in the event of an accident or even an incidence of death occurs the business management can show suitable risk assessments have been made and the necessary precautionary measures have been implemented in line with the safety requirements of the liquids in use, so that in the event of any litigation or criminal negligence proceedings arising out of an incident, such action can be defended robustly by detailing adequate measures and precautions were already in place.

Our COSHH Cabinets adhere to legal regulations including EN 13501-1 and A2-S2 which means they provide a safe and secure solution for storage of your hazardous materials.

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