Key & Tool Reels

Retractable Key Reels

From drivers to porters, shop assistants to security guards, our range of key reels are a secure and convenient way of keeping keys and ID badges to hand at all times. Lightweight and durable, they fasten onto clothing or belts and are available in different styles and sizes to suit your requirements.

Dropped Object Protection

The top priority on any site is safety!

Many accidents are caused by falling objects, in particular tools and equipment. Traditional tethers solve this problem, but can get snagged as they dangle, creating a potential of injury to the worker.

Our retractable tethers and link tool attachments, provide protection to a wide range of tools and equipment, preventing them being dropped, as well as alleviate the risk to workers lives.

New ANSI / ISEA standards were introduced in July 2018 setting out Best Practice for Tool Tethering (Minimum Designs)', Labelling and Testing. Many of our Dropped Object Protection products comply with these new standards.