Magnetic Sweepers - metal collection

Magnetic sweepers are the ideal solution for collecting ferrous metal such as screws, nails, tacks and nuts from the floors of workshops, factories, warehouses, shop aisles, garages and construction sites. Magnetic sweepers are also an ideal solution for the safe removal of metal debris from car parks of any size.

Available in 4 different sizes, our magnetic sweepers range from small lightweight handheld sweepers to industrial forklift sweepers, there is a solution for spaces of all sizes. Robust and built to last, our range of magnetic sweepers offer a cost-effective solution to reducing the amount of floor debris in an area. Magnetic sweepers are quick and easy to use and offer a fool proof solution for businesses of all sizes to reduce debris.

How do they work?

Magnetic sweepers work by attracting ferromagnetic materials from different surfaces. (A ferromagnetic material is a term for anything attracted by a magnetic force. To be ferromagnetic it must contain an element of iron, nickle, cobalt or gadolinium).

The pull force of the magnets within the magnetic sweeper attract the ferromagnetic material and hold it in place. The larger the pull force of the magnetic sweeper, the more material it can attract. This is because pull force refers to the limit of holding power a magnet has. The pull force of a magnet is not determined by its overall size. This means that a large magnet does not necessarily have a larger pull force than a small magnet.

A magnetic sweeper pays for itself with time and cost savings with replacing punctured tyres or damaged equipment. They also prevent personal injury by clearing the area of unwanted metal objects.