Safety & Security

Health and safety is central to good business management with a myriad of inter relating benefits. Happy employees with improved morale, improved productivity, the companies reputation and status as a good employer that cares about its staff. Good business governance will have Health and Safety interwoven with operational activities that involve employees with the aim of keeping skilled workers and staff safe. This ensures less sick days arise and helps manage business risk reducing accidents and any claims that have resulted from injury. Accidents that could have been avoided have a tendency to push up insurance premiums when there are claims and settlements affecting fixed costs, and in the event of serious accidents that result in a death, possible criminal negligence actions brought against management and directors. Our website offers safety equipment for sale, designed and tested to keep staff safe and protected from harm while people are at work whatever the tasks involved. Some of our equipment will prevent a head injury, save an eye, prevent a fall, avoid an explosion, save a finger, prevent a cut that becomes infected, prevent a burn, stop an electrocution event, or help put out a fire. The list of examples is endless.

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