Safety Cans

Safety is imperative with the storage of flammable liquids, our range of metal and plastic safety cans from Justrite keep liquids concealed and prevent danger from contact with fire as many of these cans having a fire proof screen. Justrite Safety Cans are ideal for the storage of substances such as Oil, Petroleum, Acid, Ethanol, Kerosene and Methanol. These cans are also used for the storage and disposal of waste oil. A range of metal or plastic funnels and hoses are available for easier pouring of liquid into the cans.

The JustriteĀ® plunger cans are a popular choice for the storage and dispensing of flammable liquids. They allow any unused liquid to flow back into the can, reducing wastage and keeping the exterior of the can clean. We also supply a couple of funnels to make filling and emptying these cans even easier & safer.