Warehouse Identification

The Health and Safety (safety signs and signals) Regulations 1996. This guidance is for employers and duty-holders, and others who have responsibility for the control of work sites and premises, or operating equipment requiring verbal and/or non-verbal communications.

The Regulations place duties on employers in respect of risks to their employees with the principal duty being to ensure that safety signs are in place. 

All signs incorporate a safety colour. 

Red - Meaning or Purpose Prohibition sign, Instructions & Information  reference dangerous behaviour. Meaning or purpose Danger alarm - Instructions & information  Stop, shutdown, emergency cut out devices, Evacuate. Meaning & Purpose Fire-fighting equipment - Instructions & Information Identification and location. 

Yellow or Amber - Meaning or Purpose Warning sign Instructions & Information  Be careful, take precautions, examine.

Blue - Meaning or Purpose Mandatory sign, Instructions & Information Specific behaviour or action, wear personal protective equipment

Green Meaning or Purpose Emergency escape, first aid sign,  Instructions & information  Doors, exits routes, equipment, facilities, Meaning & Purpose No danger Instructions & Information Return to normal 

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